Unity Fellowship of Christ Church – New York City is a Social Justice Ministry, whose mission
is to teach freedom on all levels of racial, sexual, religious, and social-economic oppression. Our mission is carried out through the valuing of ourselves, as God has made us and the valuing of our heritage, including but not exclusively, the historical and literal teachings of Jesus Christ, as man and deity. The valuing of our community is demonstrated as we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, support and offer love to those who are incarcerated and those who suffer hardships.


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As a visitor / individual whom is interested in membership with Unity Fellowship of Christ Church – NYC (UFC-NYC) one can obtained membership by the completion of a nine (9) session of our core curriculum. This curriculum will cover, discuss, expound upon what we believe, the Bible as it relates to sexuality and sex. These sessions will impart the sensitive of the culture and traditions practices during biblical times, giving all participates a greater understanding and appreciation of this literature called the Bible. In addition the understanding and appreciation participates will also be introduced to a God of their own understanding as they develop a biblical and spiritual connection with God. Come and bring an opened mind, heart& soul as well as any questions that you may have so that we can learn together on this journey.

As a current member one can continue their personal cultivation of a biblical and spiritual connection with God through our different degrees of continuing learning curriculums. These different degrees will deepen ones comfort level with the literature called the Bible and other sacred text from across different spiritual paths. This comfort level will be foster by re-visiting previous sessions, practical application exercises, the ability to convey principles from one’s own personal point of reference, and at a person’s individual pace. The progression through these different degrees is a personal assessment and a evaluation by your facilitator / instructor. Again we invite you each to come with and opened mind, heart, & soul and bring your questions centered on the materials given out for the session you are attending. If by any chance there is a
need for additional support beyond the session allotted time please feel free to contact your facilitator / instructor for additional resources and support.


What we Believe God is Love and Love is for Everyone. It is impossible to love each other without a sense of mutual (equal) worth… Volunteering   Clergy